Advice for Trekking in Nepal

Trekking   Advice for Adventure lovers-

With eight of the top ten highest mountains in the world and some of the most beautiful landscapes which are only reachable on foot, trekking in Nepal is one of the unique experiences of South Asia. Nepal is one of the best as well as famous Attractions for the tourists for different tours, trekking, peak climbing, rafting, paragliding, Cannoning, Boating, Bunjy jumping, Mountaineering, Rock climbing etc.


Among these all exiting activities people love trekking more than anything else. Because of its own Uniqueness and Adventurous and exiting moment which nobody wants to miss the opportunity and experience the thrill which would be the most memorable as well as mind blowing experiences to Explore Yourself. Here are the few most popular Treks which we can suggest for the tourists.


1-      Lang tang Valley Trek- Lang tang Valley is one of the best as well as famous valley in the world because when the British Mountaineer Bill Tillman described it as a beautiful valley it became more famous than before. Lang tang valley is stunningly beautiful as well as the people are Nepalese descendant of the Tibetan origin and they also look like Tibetans so it is more exiting who wish to see the Lang tang valley as well as Tibetans lifestyles then this trek would be the perfect one .this valley was also designated as one of the first Nepalese Himalayan national park in 1971.

2-      EBC Trek- This trek is one of the most popular and exiting trek because it is one of the highest mountain in the world and it goes up to 5000 meters .and if you want to feel the adventure thrill then you can have a life time opportunity to explore and put your legs up in the top of the world. EBC is always an exciting experience to see the traditional lifestyle and Sherpa culture they still follow .and the views would be clearer in the monsoon season.

3-      Annapurna Circuit Trek –Annapurna circuit trekking is also one of the best trekking Destination in the world because of its outstanding mountains Sceneries close to the walking trails and it also provides you an Opportunity to explore and experience and feeling of extraordinary mountain views of Annapurna and its flora and fauna.annapurna is one of the unique trek and its unspoiled diversity as well as its culture.


 4  Ghorepani trek/Ghandruk- Ghorepani trek is very popular trek for the Annapurna                 region .and also this trek goes along with very popular gurung culture and green forests. And from there trekkers can enjoy the view of the sunrise over Annapurna Himalayan ranges and   Dhaulagiri. The most popular is in taking pictures of the mind blowing landscapes of spectacular    mountain ranges.


4-      Upper mustang trek- This trek is one of the best trek in Nepal it is also called as a land of dream where the trekkers will find lots of exiting views and mind blowing landscapes it also contains an eroded cliffs and hidden caves. Mustang is one of the hidden kingdom of Nepal as well as there are lots of community and villages that they still follow the traditional culture and there are too many places which are ancient.

5-      Annapurna Base camp Trek- ABC trek is also a famous trekking destination in Nepal Because of its own unique natural Himalayan sceneries and its beauty. And the most exciting things are that you will find the unique as well as special Gurung cultures and communities who are very friendly and too much innocent people. Himalayan glacier, hot spring and modi river are along the way to base camp and this trekking

 Trails will also go along with the view of beautiful peaks of the giants Annapurna1, glacier dome etc.

List of the stuffs that you will be needing while trekking:

Important Trekking Gears:


1-      Sleeping Bags-

2-      Trekking bag –

3-      Down Jacket –

4-      Daypack-

            Upper Body-

1-      Hat

2-      Warm Woolen Hat /Synthetic hat

3-      Head Lamp

4-      Neck Warmer

5-      Inner Sweater


  Core Body-

1-      T-shirts

2-      Longer sleeves

3-      Wind proof jacket

4-      Waterproof jacket

5-      Head light


Lower body-

1-      Hiking shorts but no cotton at all

2-      Underwear

3-      Trekking paints or trousers

4-      Hard shell pants



1-      Pairs of liner socks but no cotton only synthetic or capelin

2-      Pairs of heavy  wet socks

3-      Trekking boots

4-      Light trekking boots like sneakers for the lower part trek

5-      Pair of sandals

Other Essentials-

1-      Water bottles

2-      Sun glasses

3-      Lip protection

4-      Gloves


Medicine and first aid kits:

1-      Medicines for altitudes headache

2-      Ibuprofen for the back pain and other pain

3-      Antibiotics

4-      Anti allergy creams

Personal Items-

1-      Snack as per your choice but light weight

2-      Drinks like tang which would be enough

3-      Toiletries: Tissues, Toilet Paper, Toothbrush, Toothpaste etc.


1-      Camera

2-      Books if u like

3-      Journals

4-      Insulated mug

5-      Chairs for lounging camp



Safety tips-

1-      The most essential part of trekking is to make sure you are hydrated.

2-      Watch your steps when you walk

3-      Always enjoy the sounds of nature

4-      Avoid sunburn

5-      Pace yourself and   always put the slowest trekker in the front.

6-      Never trek by you alone walk with groups.

7-      Carry the stuffs as per your need but remember nothing more.

8-      Always respect the nature and its beauty if we all works together to preserve it then the future new generation can also enjoy the mind-blowing treks.