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Bhutan is a small country, and is located at the south of Tibet and the north of north east section of India as Assam and Sikkim. Area is as large as Switzerland and is 46,500 square Kilometer. Most of the country are in the steep slope of the Himalayas.

The king, His Majesty of the King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, is the king of the 4th reign is governing. A kingdom is taking forms called the Separation of a politics and a religion, and a king takes charge of politics and a archbishop Je Khempois conducting a religion.

Although a name of the country is the Kingdom of Bhutan, but Bhutanese says their country "Druk Yul" themselves. Druk is a thunder dragon and is depicted to national flag. The yellow of the upper part of a national flag  is expressing the politics of a right of a king. The orange color is expressing a right of Buddhism. A national flag is expressing the harmony of these powers. A white dragon which is depicted to central is derived from country (Druk Yul) of a thunder dragon and is expressing country of Bhutan itself. As for a white body of a thunder dragon, the treasure ball that dragon is holding the ness without any dirt is expressing richness and prosperity. There is not an established theory the origin of the name of country Bhutan, although seem to be the theory that looks like the case called the edge of Tibet and be made Sanscrit word or Hindhu word of 'Bhot-anta'.

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