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Culture of Sikkim

The Gumpa being performed in Lachung during the Buddhist festival of LOSHAR
Sikkim residents celebrate all major Indian festivals such as DIWALI and DUSSHERA , the popular Hindu festivals LOSHAR, LOOSONG, SAGA DAWA, LHABAB DUECHEN, DRUPKA TESHI AND BHUMCHU are Buddhist festivals that are also celebrated. During the Losar – the Tibetan New Year in mid-December – most government offices and tourist centres are closed for a week. CHRISTMAS has also recently been promoted in Gangtok to attract tourists during the off-season.

It is common to hear WESTERN ROCK MUSIC being played in homes and in restaurants even in the countryside. HINDI SONGS have gained wide acceptance among the masses. Indigenous Nepali rock, music suffused with a Western rock beat and Nepali lyrics, is also particularly popular. FOOTBALL and CRICKET are the two most popular sports.

NOODLE-based dishes such as the thukpa, chowmein, thanthuk, fakthu, gyathuk and wonton are common in Sikkim. MOMOS, steamed dumplings filled with vegetable, BUFF (buffalo's meat) or PORK and served with a soup is a popular snack. The mountainous peoples have a diet rich in beef, pork and other meats. ALCOHOL is cheap owing to the low excise duty in Sikkim and, BEER, WHISKY RUM and BRANDY are consumed by many Sikkimese.

Almost all dwellings in Sikkim are rustic, consisting of a BAMBOO frame, woven with pliable bamboo and coated with COW-DUNG, providing a warm interior. In the higher elevations, houses are made of wood.

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