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Festivals is religious events. The ground where they are held is purified and consecrated by lamas, so when you are watching a festival you are, in essence, on the perimeter of an outdoor religious ground. The conduct of the onlooker should be governed with this in mind. The dancers whether monks or layman, are in a state of meditation. They transform themselves into the deities, which they represent on the dance ground. They generate a spiritual power, which cleanses, purifies, enlightens and blesses the spectators.

Festival Etiquette

Festival (Tshechu) is religious ceremonies held on consecrated ground. Therefore it would be appreciated that respectful conduct is adhered to during these festival times.

The dancers are in a state of meditation. They are assuming the personas of the deities, which they are representing. The dances bless the witnesses and also instruct them. With this in mind, it would be appreciated if the onlookers would adhere to respect behaviors. The dance ground is not a place to drink or smoke, talk too loudly or laugh at inappropriate time. While photography is permitted care should be taken not to intrude upon the dances space as well as respect local sentiment. Common courtesy should rule one�s actions when photographing the dancers or onlookers.

Festivals are not entertainment held as tourist attraction. They are a religious tradition, which outsiders are at present allowed to attend. An unruly behavior has in the past lead to dismay from the local population as well as criticism. In order to maintain the policy of tourists being allowed to view the festivals proper behavior would be appreciated.

Dress Code

Since this is one occasion where all Bhutanese dress in their finest clothes so the dress code for visitors would be formal. Inside Dzongs and monasteries hats are not permitted as a rule. Full sleeved shirts and full trouser would suffice for men, the same or dress for women. Ties are not necessary, jackets optional.

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