Nepalese Culture

Culture is the very pride & soul of a Nation. It is just like a mirror that reflects the beauty, nativity & the life pattern of the people. Culture in essence always plays a crucial role to promote harmonious relationship between countries to country. Asianheritage treks &expedition has participated with different culture group in several national & international social, Culture & tourism promotion programs organised in different places sponsored by various related organisations. The dances as : Arati dance, Bajrayogini dance, Bhojpuri dance, Drum solo, Dhimey dance, Lakhe dance, Maruni dance, Peacock dance, Shebru dance, Yak dance, Jhankri dance (Witch Doctor) Jhaure dance etc.Arati dance :- This dance is dedicated to Nataraj, the dancing form of Lord shiva. In this dance light will be put off and dancer will come with candle light in their hand. This is very interesting dance.Bajrayogini dance :- This is an ancient classical dance of Nepal. Which is based on Tantric Buddhism. The temple of goddess bajrayogini is situated about three km from Kathmandu.Bhairabkali dance :- This is a classical dance of Lord Shiva & goddess Parvati. This dance shows the destructive mood of goddess Kali & Lord Shiva, who saved the world from destruction by lying down on the path of Kali.Chanchar dance :- This dance is popular in Tharu’s community in the western region of Nepal.Chutka dance :- This dance is performed during the different festivel of eastern part of Nepal. Boys & girls sing & dance in pairs during the festival.Chyabrung dance :- This dance is mostly performed by young boys & girls during the different festival on the Northern part of the Nepal.Dhimey dance :- This is the typical dance of Jyapu community of Kathmandu, which is performed during the festival & after they reap the good harvest.Drum solo :- In Nepal there are several types of drums of various size & shapes. Here an exponent on the drum plays 10 to 12 drumsat a time in a typical manner.Horiya dance :- This is a very popular dance of tharu community from southern part of Nepal. Holy is one of the great festivals for this community, which observed inFebruary – March. Everybody singing and dancing around with throwing color powder, water upon each other.Jhankri dance (Witch Doctor) :- During the bygone days when there were no medical facilities in the country, the sick poeple used to be taken to the witch doctor to get cured. Even now a days in the remote area of Nepal this practices is still prevailing. One can see in this dance how witch doctor cures a patient.Jhyaure dance :- This dance is based on love song, which is very popular all over Nepal among the teenagers.Khyali dance :- This dance gives glimpses of western Nepal in Magar & Gurung community. In this dance a couple view each other with their talents, and it is a practice that if the boy wins he can take a woman with him to his home considering her as his wife.Khukuri dance :- Khukuri is famous weapon, by which the Gorkha’s have become very famous in every battlefield. In this dance the dancer shows how it is used in killing the enemies.Lakhe dance :- This is a traditional mask dance of Kathmandu. It is performe durimg the festival of Indra jatra.Bhojpuri dance :- This dance is very popular on southern part of Nepal.Manjushree dance :- Once open a time Kathmandu velly was suppose to have beena big lake. The god Manjushree open up the southeren side of the valley, so that the water could flow out & the land become habitable. This dance depicts this legend & this dance is generally performed by the Buddhist priest.Maruni dance :- Maruni dance is a femail dance with two boys.Peacock dance :- Peacock is considered a holy bird of our country. It is suppose to be the dancer of Indra’s palace. This bird gets thrilled, when the cloud starts gathering, with the sound of thunder it starts dancing. In this dance the artist try to copy the same in his own manner .Shebru dance :- This dance is performed by Sherpa communities in the Northern border area of Nepal. They are very skilled in mountaineering.Yak dance :- All knows the fact that Nepal is a land of YAK & YETI. Unfortunately we are not in the possition to show YETI dance. But Yak is a very lovable animal, people drink its milk & also make use of it as a carrier of goods. This is the only animal which can carry loads in high altitudes. They are very skilled in Mountaineering.

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