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Bhaktapur City and Durbar Square

Situated at an altitude of 1,401 m, Bhaktapur  (or Bhadgaon as popularly know as)  covers an area of four square miles. Bhaktapur or "the City of Devotees" still retains the medieval charm and visitors to this ancient town are treated myriad wonders of cultural and artistic achievements.

Bhaktapur :

The Bhaktipur city is protected as a UNESCO world Heritage site.Bhaktapur, alsoknown as Bhadgaon, it means city of the Devotees.It is the third major town of the valley and in many ways the most mediaeval.The Bhaktipur is on of the most charming architcture showpieces of the valley as it hightlights the ancientThe main items of interest in the Bhaktapur are:The lion gate: Dating as far back as AD1696, this gate is guarded on either side by two huge statues of lions.A long side, there are two stone images of Gods.The Golden gate:The golden gate is said to be the most beautiful and richly moulded specimen of its kind in the entire world.The Golden is the mostly lovely piece of art in the whole Kingdom.

The palace fifty five windows : The place fifty five windows is the magificient place was built during the ragion of King Yakshya malla 1427 AD.Among the brick walls with their gracious setting and sculptural design is a considered to be a unique mabzer piece of wood carving.Nyatapola temple;The five- storey,30 metre- high Nyatopola temple is notly the higest temple in the whole Kathmandu valley,but also ano of the best example of Nepalese traditional architecture temple.The temple was built in 1702 AD and its design was so elegant and its construction well done.The art gallery: The art gallery contains ancient paintings belonging to the hindu and Buddhist tradition of various periods description.The near oa the Burbar square the statue of the Bhupandra malla.This statue showing King Bhupatandra malla in the act of worship is set one column facing the place.The square has many others statues,this is considered to be the most magnificient.In Bhaktipur othres more temples can be seen with a full of wonderful and magnificient arts and architecture. Bhaktipur's people life style and them culture enchants you and enable to give you great experience in your life time.Bhaktipur also offers you such a glory woodcarving Handicrafts and colour ful thangka paintings place.In Bhaktipur offers you many others interestings things which always able to difference experience than yours own.

Panauti village

    Panauti is an old Newari settlement, which is 32 kms Southeast of Kathmandu. It has some the most interesting in the valley and is set on the confluence of two rivers. The village also boasts one of the only two known pre-17th century structure of Mahadev temple. Apart from other many temples it is a pleasure to wander the town's brick paved streets to view the magnificently carved rest houses, stupas and stone water taps.

    We drive all the way from Kathmandu to Panauti which is 35 kms southeast of Kathmandu and takes approx. 90 minutes of driving through Arniko Highway and village. The road to and from Panauti passes through the terraced rice fields.


      NAMOBUDDHA, situated at an elevation of 1750m is very important Buddhist Pilgrimage lies about 38 km east of Kathmandu. The Stupa and shrines built in this lovely little hill mark a very ancient holy site significantly enough where a legendary prince named MAHASATTVA offered himself to a starving Tigress with its several underfed cubs. This legendary episode is depicted in a very nice stone slab and depicted right next to a holy Stupa.

      After breakfast in your hotel in Kathmandu, drive for about one and half hours to the place called DHAPASI, 35 km east of Kathmandu.

      The trailheads northeast and the trail become narrow as we move further. We cross on a suspension bridge and pass through many small villages to huge rice fields, which gives you a chance to see how Nepalese People plant and harvest the crop (during on the appropriate season). The trail goes steep uphill about an hour nearby reaching to NAMOBUDDHA.
      After detouring sometimes here, we will drive to Kathmandu via DHULIKHEL in about one & half hour.

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