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Permit (Trekking, Peak, Expedition)

Permit is necessary for Trekking, Peak Climbing and Expedition in Nepal. Permit fee is different in trekking, peak climbing and Expedition. A trekking permit is required to trek in any part of Nepal. If you want to trek two areas, you will need two permits. Each permit requires details for the route and region. Police check points are set up in some areas so do not venture off the set route unless you carry cigerettes for officers.
Trekking Area     Permit Fee
Annapurna, Everest, Langtang
78% of all trekkings went to one of these three places in 1998. Also see National Park Fees below.     FREE
Rara, and other areas.
US $5 per week
US $10 per week
(after 4th week)
Dolpa* and Kanchanjunga*
Less than 1% of all trekkers tour here
This is Remote trekking     US $10 per week
US $20 per week
(after 4th week)
Manaslu* - Another Remote area     

US $75 per week (low season) US$90 (high season)
Mustang* and Upper Dolpa*
The governments gonna get you on this one.     US$ 700
US $10 per Day
(after first 10 days)
* Through registered trekking agencies only.

    * Permit fees are quoted in US$ but  payable in Nepali Rupees
    * Trekking Permits will not be extended past your Visa Expiry Date
    * 2 Passport photos (black/white) required
    * Information updated November 2001

National Park Fees

Fourteen areas of Nepal have been designated National Parks, Wildlife Reserve and Conservation Areas (no one speaks about the Hunting Reserve). To trek in any of these areas, you may need an additional permit.

You need to pay a Park Fee of Rs. 1,000 (less than US$ 15). All fees arepayable at the ACAP Office listed below or at the park entrance, but higher fees will have to be paid at the enterance. Trekkers going to the Annapurna Region have to pay a fee of Rs. 2,000 which is payable at the Information and Entry Fee Collection Counter of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), The toll is utilized for environment conservation and maintenance of the area.

 Peaks Currently Open

18 Peaks opened for trekking groups with permission from Nepal
Mountaineering Association (NMA) are divided into groups A & B below.

Group A: US $300.00 Climbing Royalty for up to 9 persons: Height in Meters
No.     Peak          Height (in meters)     Region
1       Hiunchuli               6441            Annapurna
2       Singu Chuli            6501            Annapurna
3       Mera Peak             6654            Khumbu
4       Kusum Kangru        6367            Khumbu
5       Kwandge                6011            Khumbu
6       Chulu West            6419            Annapurna
7       Chuku East             6584           Annapurna
8       Island Peak            6160            Khumbu
9       Parchemuche          6187            Rolwalling
10     Lubuje                    6119            Khumbu
11     Ramdung                5925            Rolwalling
12     Pisang Peak            6091            Annapurna

Group B: US $150.00 Climbing Royalty for up to 9 persons: Height in Meters
No.     Peak     Height (in meters)     Region
13     Tent Peak           5663           Annapurna
14     Khongma Tse      5849           Khumbu
15     Naya Kanga         5844           Langtang
16     Pokhalde             5806           Khumbu
17     Mardi Himal         5587           Annapurna
18     Palder Peak         5896           Langtang

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